There is hardly anybody who could match Anurag Kashyap in indie world of hindi cinemas.

anurag kashyap

Anurag Kashyap did graduation in engineer in the Hansraj College, Delhi in zoology. He wanted to be a scientist. However, fate had more interesting options for him. At that time, there were not some many career options that we have today – mostly, engineering, medicine, or sit in UPSC exams. When he got his father shocked and upset when told that he is going to Mumbai to get into film industry. So, after much hassle and determination, he left for Mumbai with 5000 Indian Rupees in pocket.  Soon he realised the struggle that people go through to get into the industry. His money ran, and he had to take odd jobs, slept on beaches, lived on streets, and so on. He did a lot of early works for free.

The Bollywood industry was run by few film families. They did not want any outsider to get into the industry. He realised that people have the insecurity that if they let a outsider get into it, they’re going to take away their job. So, he realised first job was to get into the theatre. There was a theatre called Prithvi theatre where he first started to get his hands on. He volunteered as waiter to get into the theatre. He had skill of writing long and fast, and would write scrips and stories quickly and gave them without charging for them. This is how people started to notice him – but took nearly 4-5 years he started getting actually paid for the jobs.

A choice once came to him to either for a big franchise typical bollywood movie Dil Se with fixed wage or a movie made by one of our pioneer of parallel cinemas, Ram Gopal Verma in a movie called Satya, where the success was not guaranteed, he chose the later. He knew what he wanted to do, did it with all cost. This made his separated from the rest of the people who just wanted to get into industry. This too helped got his niche determined early on.

When he actually started making a lot of movies and his movies getting filmed on the international film festivals, Anurag Kashyap found out that there was still no market for the films that they are making. To add to the that, the distributors were using outdated model of bringing their films out in the market. The distributors were not ready to accept that they only made movies outside India only for Indian Diaspora. Also the people who liked his movies watched them mostly on laptops. Hence, he even had to first create the market for the films he is making. He would buy lot of his own film DVDs and gave they away for free to the big DVD shops saying whatever profit they get they could keep it. After a lot of continued struggle, he and his team were able to create the craze called Anurag Kashyap and for his movies, that we know today.