Everyone on this planet is blessed with some or the other ability to do something deviant. In the urge of grasping the materialistic things, we often leave behind the ones who try hard to stick with us. This story revolves around this fact only. This is the story of Sumnema.

It was raining outside profusely when Sumnema found herself alone in her six room apartment. She lives alone in RK Puram, Delhi. It was 11:45 pm, a Saturday night. The windows were open, rain was gushing inside, wetting the floor and the furniture that was around. The food was lying on 24 seater dinning table. Sumnema was standing near the window, wetting herself. Something was running inside her brain and it was appearing as if, she was trying to fight with her mental thoughts.

Lets go back to some 12 years. Sumnema was doing her B.Com honors from one of the reputed College. She was in her final year and had three internship certificates already. Her CV was well maintained and it was very obvious that she was going to get some high profile job.

Things don’t remain the same. Sumnema was physically very beautiful and she had come from a small town of Jaipur. She had never seen such fast growing life. Although it wasn’t hard to cope up with the fast growing life of a metropolitan city but, it takes a while to adjust with it.

As soon as she got adjusted with the people, their lifestyle, she went on to discover the undiscovered. She always had a keen interest in studies and always took them seriously. Right from class 1st to 12th, she was among the toppers of her class, which meant that, she had rarely faced any tough time or she’d never been let down by others and by herself too.

There’s a saying which says, ‘excess of everything is bad’ and, that was the same which was being built up in her mind.

A feeling of superiority, a feeling of being in power right from the beginning was making her paralyzed emotionally, maybe. When Sumnema was in college, she was approached by many. She always rejected the proposal as she thought that, love and marriage are the two huge hindrances in the path of getting successful and standing on ones own feet. Then, what made her stay alone on a beautiful Saturday night? Why was she all alone?

Sumnema was doing fine in her college until an event occurred to her. Her parents were happy with the fact that she was doing well in her studies, like everyone’s parent , they thought of getting her married. To your astonishment, Sumnema’s parents were the ones who believed in love marriage. They knew it very well that their business partners son, Rahul, was already in love with her. Sumnema somewhere knew this also but, she always ignored the fact. As told before, Sumnema restricted herself from these love affairs and marriage. Sumnema was the only child of her parents and they were quite old because they adopted her when they were in their forties. They wanted to get her married before they get old.

Sumnema told her parents that, she won’t get married and she will look after them. She thinks that after marriage she won’t be able to work outside and maybe she’ll be forced to become a housewife. Actually, she had seen her mother getting through the same and seeing her spending all her life inside the four walls made her will strong to get a job.

Rahul on the other hand was a sweet talker and was also doing well academically. He was also one of the toppers in his college.

He was also the only child of his father and, he had lost his mother in an accident. Although, he hadn’t thought ever to make his wife a housewife, he never planned to make her work outside either.
Sumnema always considered Rahul as her competition, but, they were good friends. Sumnema wasn’t that antisocial. She had a habit of living in a world made up from her own opinions. She was a woman of her words. If she had decided not to marry, she won’t marry.

Times changed, Sumnema got into a high profile company, was earning good. Rahul was growing the legacy of his father, he was doing good. They both got parted and Rahul changed his mind about Sumnema. He tied his knot with another old friend from their college.

Sumnema was shocked about the fact, she felt bad. Maybe somewhere she was upset about it, maybe she wanted someone to be by her side always. She told herself that all boys are the same. She need to keep growing and excelling as she’s already doing. Times were changing, days became months, months became years. Sumnema is now in her thirties.

In her path of excelling, she forgot that her parents are also growing, they were growing old. First, her father died, later after two years her mother also died. Her last words to her were,’ at least get married, don’t die alone’. What a thunderclap these words were to her.

This dark night is the same night when her mother passed away. Sumnema was staring outside the window, she was looking at her happy neighbours. Couples having their beautiful times together, grandparents playing with their grandchildren, everything and everyone was surrounded by happiness except Sumnema.

This is her poor fate, all her life she ran after materialistic things, she was surrounded by her thoughts. Now even her thoughts were running after her, as if they were trying to bite her. She turned back, opened her phone, saw Rahul’s profile, he was happy. She didn’t trust anyone else. Where would she go? To whom would she go? She was always a pampered child, never faced lonely, now what?

She had a heart of gold, she decided to donate her money to a old age home, she saw her parents alone. She donated some of the money to orphanage, she was also a orphan before her parents adopted her.

Loneliness kills people , whether from inside or outside .
She ate some rat poison. Her dying face was smiling, maybe to meet her parents.

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