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Kids Learn Sign Language For Their Deaf Classmate

Six-year-old Zejd, a resident of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Eastern Europe, is deaf and she decided to go to normal school. Her biggest problem is to communicate with other kids in school. But her teacher found out solution and started to teach all kids sign language. After success for initial attempts, teacher now came up with whole curriculum for sign language.

Incrediable Teching & Learning!


Here we present you some beautiful pictures presenting incrediable story.

Kids Learn Sign Language For Their Deaf ClassmateKids Learn Sign Language For Their Deaf Classmate Kids Learn Sign Language For Their Deaf Classmate Kids Learn Sign Language For Their Deaf Classmate

Photos: Amel Emric / AP

The teacher also trying to teach Zejd to read lips so that she can live normal life outside classroom too. Everyone in classroom welcomed efforts of teacher with great enthusiasm and started learning sign language.

Most of the time, we discuss so many 'huge' ideas to make our school system responsive to differntly abled students but we ignore simple things, like the teacher did at school. Really grassroot shouldn't be ignored as it is place from where whole tree get nourishment and also the place where all the fruits fall!

If you have some ideas to make teaching-learning process more friendly to differently abled person, please share by commenting at this story.





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