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Nasty Uncle


Tina is a teenager who is very enthusiastic about life and believes in the ‘Mantra’ of universe conspires to make happen everything you in life. She looks at everything from a positive aura and makes surrounding people positive as well. She always circulates positive vibes to everyone. Everyone who is her friend comes to her…

My Mother <3

mother_and_child (1)

  For me, a mother can be described in four words as: The quintessence of endearment. My mother is the epitome of love, care and tenderness. She is a home-maker, like most of the mothers in India, but extremely hardworking and patient woman, I have ever come across in my life till now. She gave…

A sweet sensation


Riya Banerjee was a self sufficient, independent woman. She had finally reached a stage in life where she felt that she was on the correct path of achieving all that she had dreamt of as a little girl. Riya Banerjee did not have time for silly things like love and friendship. She had more important…