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The pursuit of happiness


…….The happiness of giving! Looking at his father, the son Avium and his wife Ayesha were surprised. But after some time, Ayesha asked her father-in-law to be with them for a while and to have lunch with them. What was the reason behind this? Avium was the only child of their parents. His father worked…

An Idea

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Dear Diary I was just sitting idle thinking about my next story. I was playing with my pen in my hand, thinking about the creative process that should have started in my head. I had just finished a story I wrote in various parts, for which I took around 3 months to write. ‘It is…

A Man with Intellectual Mind and Optimistic Perspective: Stephen Hawking


An inspirational journey of a man who could not walk, talk or move,but his working mind changed it all.    “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” The man behind the above quote completely justifies what a quiet person can do. Stephen William Hawking, a name who has brought revolution in the world of Science is…