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Nasty Uncle


Tina is a teenager who is very enthusiastic about life and believes in the ‘Mantra’ of universe conspires to make happen everything you in life. She looks at everything from a positive aura and makes surrounding people positive as well. She always circulates positive vibes to everyone. Everyone who is her friend comes to her…

The Twister


It was a cold, winter day.the chilly wind was blowing. The temperature was around 15-degree celsius. The cloud in the sky had covered the sun completely. Every person was shivering after stepping out from the home. Two girls in warm winter clothes went out from school and headed to a nearby cafe. They wanted to…

Theism and the A

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The world revolves around certain axioms. Religion is one such axiomatic issue which has been passed down from generation to generation without being tampered with much. Myths and culture are a different call altogether, but religion pours in the aura of faith and honesty in many regards. Nonetheless, there are many non-religious pupils in the…