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Collection of Best Relationship Stories

Twist in the Storey


In today’s digital world, using an email to ask for a friendship is increasingly normal. Social media can be used more as an address book with privacy settings allowing access to different levels of information. Rooh was a sophomore at Allahabad Engineering College and was so centralized to her contemplation that she consign to oblivion…

A Week’s Winter


 This is a story about those bonds that start and end way before its time.   Her hands held more than they could hold. She struggled with the shopping bags and made her way out of the market place. The late December breeze caressed her untied hair. As she looked up from her preoccupations, to…

Love Doesn’t Care


Two imperfect individuals make a perfect relationship.   Toby served the coffee to the old woman with a smile. She paid him and went away. Even though people never acknowledged his smile, he still greeted every new customer with smile. He loved coming to work just to see her sitting in corner drinking coffee, engrossed…



This story pays tribute to the love that happens at first sight and how just grows if there is a strong will to get that person.   Sana was a fun-loving, bubbly, chubby girl. She was the only child, no sibling. That’s why, she was raised as a princess by her parents with all demands…

The Walk


Mahendra is fed up of his daily routine and decides to set out for a walk. What he encounters and unravels on his little walk was way beyond his expectation.   “It’s a very unusual time to, umm… what they call these days…’work-out’…isn’t it?” said Neelam.  The sound of her giggles filled the air. The still air broke into…