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Collection of Best Relationship Stories

A lesson for life


Its yet another love story picturising the most common incidents of the present love in the society. The story is about Latha and Rishva who fall in love accidentally  but the progress of love changes the entire life of Latha.   I stretched out my hands to find Rishva when I was asleep. I couldn’t…



They say that every scar has a story behind it but what if those scars are the memories of someone.   “I am proud of my scars” She smilingly traced her fingers over her wounds. She continued, “They tell me who I was and who I have become and a constant reminder of mistakes of…

Love is in the air


This is a story about two people very much in love each other but shies away from expressing it because of some understanding. Read on to find out if they are too late in expressing their feelings.   “Will she accept me?” “What if it’s a no? At least I should try.”  “I cannot give…

A Love Story

love for granted

Its a true love story of a girl who had been in crush, that turns to break apart,then love, and finally…haha, the end is in the story.   Today, we had our dinner at a restaurant as we were celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. As we reached home, Krish got out of the car, came…

Your Eyes


A girl’s unsaid thoughts about a riveting stranger.   Your eyes. When I saw you for the first time I had never thought that you would dig a path that led right to the centre of my heart. Yet, that is exactly what you did. With your eyes. You were even more insignificant than a…