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My Only Dream

love story

I was only five year old nerdy boy, wearing spectacles like potter and carrying my favorite Britannica kids,which Dad got for me from AMAZON.IN (where he worked),when i saw her. Cheif HR Manager , Mr. Vikas Ahuja,thats what people called him. I used to vaunt a lot as a kid that ,ooo my dad works…



Another drink will help, well, maybe it should help. He filled up his empty glass and gulped it down his already burning throat. ‘Pain kills pain’, he thought. He smiled with teary eyes. Once the burning of his throat stopped, that same pain came back from his pounding heart. The weight of someone’s memories, some…

The four letter word

love for granted

It is so hard to get over a person! Feels like that the person is always watching our actions, always eyeing us, making us more vulnerable because they know we are. Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary, even after knowing it all we willingly get in the rut. It feels like you are breathing their…

Romance in Biriyani Pot

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It was literally Swetha’s plan to visit the famous Ramoji Rao Film city. More than crossing off a bucket list item, it was her childhood dream come true. She was a sweet princess like any other girl sees herself as, but she never dreamt of charming princess coming to her on a winged unicorn. She always believed in the warm…