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Collection of Best Relationship Stories



This story pays tribute to the love that happens at first sight and how just grows if there is a strong will to get that person.   Sana was a fun-loving, bubbly, chubby girl. She was the only child, no sibling. That’s why, she was raised as a princess by her parents with all demands…

The Walk


Mahendra is fed up of his daily routine and decides to set out for a walk. What he encounters and unravels on his little walk was way beyond his expectation.   “It’s a very unusual time to, umm… what they call these days…’work-out’…isn’t it?” said Neelam.  The sound of her giggles filled the air. The still air broke into…

The Man of Fantasy


Its about how love can play tricks in one’s life, even if it was a man with super powers.   It is ‘HIS’ world, a world where everything is filled with the magics of his hand, the powers of the great Xander.. The Invisible Man.. Every little thing that looks normal but actually not.. it…

Memories get fade: Love 1


This is a frictional story between Love & Attraction..Language & Religions.. It has a Grotesque Dilemma, Some Special Occurrence, which can put you in some mixture of Emotion. And it’s become little bit difficult to come over it. Just taste the Flavor of Love. Let start my new story, a story of love that become…



The best expression of feelings, when words are not enough!!!   Once again, he looked at her, mesmerized by her beauty as always! The ugliness that the pain has caused her seemed to have been transformed into raw beauty upon touching her. He sat there near her bed, the bed that was of theirs once,…

My First Friend


Friends play a vital role in our life. This story is about a young girl, Ria. And her first friend. They share a special bond. A bond which Ria will forever cherish.   ‘But Kaku I don’t want to study!’ ‘One mustn’t stop learning, Ria beta.’ ‘But what’s the point?’ ‘Look at your father. He…