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My summer holidays had begun and I was lazing in bed feeling like a procrastinator. Suddenly Mummy came n with something in her hands. A tiny hummingbird! It was trembling because of a broken leg which was bleeding badly. “Arun Bhaiya found the poor thing lying under the Kadamb tree in the garden,” Mummy said.…

The dirt called EGO


“And the best student award goes to Mahadev Verma of 10th D” Hearing the huge round of applause, he felt elated!! In fact, the happiness clouded his vision, and he could hear his heart thump. Like a superhero, he was gliding through and reached the stage to collect his prize. He just grabbed the glittering…



There is always a bridge between normality and insanity. What you feel is normal might be insane for somebody else. What you feel is being vulnerable might be strength for somebody else. We do not fill the gap, we judge. Today if we find a man living on the streets and talking to himself all…

My Only Dream

love story

I was only five year old nerdy boy, wearing spectacles like potter and carrying my favorite Britannica kids,which Dad got for me from AMAZON.IN (where he worked),when i saw her. Cheif HR Manager , Mr. Vikas Ahuja,thats what people called him. I used to vaunt a lot as a kid that ,ooo my dad works…



Another drink will help, well, maybe it should help. He filled up his empty glass and gulped it down his already burning throat. ‘Pain kills pain’, he thought. He smiled with teary eyes. Once the burning of his throat stopped, that same pain came back from his pounding heart. The weight of someone’s memories, some…