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Collection of Best Relationship Stories



This story is about a girl and her struggle to keep her friendship. Hope you enjoy reading it.   Books are definitely one of the best friends one can have. They teach us every small but essential lesson of our life. For readers’ a book is like a drug but not everyone is addicted to this…

The Perfect Night


Sara was sitting on a stool smiling as she looked at her friends dancing. Sara and her 4 girlfriends were at Goa beach, enjoying their last day of the trip. Sara’s friends were dancing wildly at a beach party they were at. Sara was looking around casually when suddenly her look fell on a guy.…

A Letter


Dear, It is an explicit fact that I have fallen in love with you. From the past, I don’t even know how long, a feeling has bonded my soul with your smile and without it, I barely breathe. Your every look at me with that twinkle in your eye and that grin on your face…