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Sins of the past..

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Every girl has a dream that her soulmate treat her in a beautiful way but it is somehow not possible in my case. Because the mate I am in love is my step brother… Its the time when I lost my parents in a car accident and mommy cassendra have adopted me. And the day…


love for granted

“Guzarish,have you ever wished of doing anything in life?” -Imam Ahmed Khan asked his press reporters in the press conference for the best selling book GUZARISH.   “Sir,i have wished to gift my mom a house and to marry a beautiful girl,but unfortunetly could’nt succeded.”-a reporter said.   “Ohk so you are not married yet,sorry…

Coming Back Home


They say everyone deserves a second chance. Will you give a second chance to love?   “I’ll find her and bring her home. I promise” Levi said wiping the tears off Mrs. Fisher’s cheeks. He got on his feet and rushed out of the house. Tightly grabbing the steering wheel, he wondered how she could…

Despicable love


                                                              Sehmi sehmi raaton mein… sehmi sehmi firti hoon, lautungi main tere liye…tere liye…. jaaniyaan……. Love demands sacrifice. This is the ultimate truth, but what if you are that sacrifice for someone’s ambition, for someone’s figment of imagination so that they can live their reality in a perfect fairy tale ending. And you the…