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National Highway 45


Asha and Bunty are going to a village where their grandparents are living. During the journey, they had an experience which they didn’t imagine.   Asha and bunty are eagerly waiting for their grandparents. They got a call from their grandparent’s that they will be visiting their home today. Asha: mom, when nana and nani…



Often I find myself in my own illusion. Illusion about the way I am. Illusion about how people treat me. Illusion about how I see the world and how the world looks at me. Many a times I feel more than happy of being out of reality and thinking of everything as one of the…



Keats justly wrote : “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. William Wordsworth, the celebrated “nature” poet wrote immensely on this theme. The protagonist of this story too relates her life in a very lucid, yet, beautiful manner to the beautiful nature. Nature, after all, is the most beautiful thing that the human eye…