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The Adult Kid: I


On one fine winter morning,  the whole city was sleeping. It was still dark. Nothing was visible due to the dense fog that enveloped the environment. The doors and windows of all the houses were closed. There was no one on the road except a child who was about 11-12 years old, sitting in the…

My companion


Ours is a small family. My parents, my grandmother and I made up our family. Being the only grandchild in the family, my grandmother’s love and indulgence made me king of the desperado. Every time I played some mischief my grandmother came to my defense. When that grand old lady suffered a heart attack and…

The story of my best friend-Gaggo: II


We lived together, Shared every moment with one another. Memories were created And stored in our hearts forever. I can never forget, How she came like a breeze, Soothed my life, Made me happy, And then left. Leaving her little ones behind, To commemorate her. Now I only have memories, but they are worth more…