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His perfect girlfriend and vice versa

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November 12, 2017, 5.30 AM His whats chat rings. Half sleepy Ravi calls Sara. She rejects the call from the other end. Within 5 minutes he again dials her number. This time she finally picks up the call. Ravi: Hi sweety. Good morning! Sarah: Why did you call me when I texted you. You should…

The Adult Kid: II


Rahul was a young boy of 11-12 years who worked very hard in chilled winter mornings to take care of his mother who was ill. They lived in a small house, which was poorly built. He took great care of his mother and gave her food and medicines which he bought from the money he…

Monika’s struggle

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It wasn’t a perfect day for monika, she was all messed up. Clock was showing 12 pm. and she was still burried under layers and layers of blankets. Something was not right, when she was hiding herself from the outer world, like this. Normally Monika was a chirrupy charming girl who was born to cheer…



Walking through the peaceful field of flowers, she stands still a moment, breathing the refreshing air, a fence stands two meters away, with vines wrapping around its ever rotting wood, Still, she can not help but remember the days before now, when she walked through the flowers just blooming, her world still young. The cottage…



She has to overcome the gender discrimination She has to overcome the age constraints She has to prove her abilities. She should be ready to manage the emotional threats from her dear ones She should fight for her birth itself when she  was  in her mother’s womb. “She” is definitely a powerful word