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The Silent Observer (Part – 1)


This story is about a newly hired servant who is from the north east part of India (Assam) and has come to Delhi in search of work. He was hired by a family of five which includes the husband and wife and their three sons. The events take a rather interesting turn in the middle…

Best Birthday!


  As I am looking into the mirror, I can only see my black dress with white embroidered flowers on the boat neck, flares running down the dress till my knees. I am staring into the mirror, looking closer and watching my face subtly and waiting for this day to start with joy. My eyes…

The Photograph (Part – 1)


This a strange story to be very honest. How can a photograph lead to murder threats to a person who is not at all concerned with it? What is there is the photograph that the photographer is missing? Is it of value that the blackmailer wants or were they just prank calls? It all traces…