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Why am I single?


Five years ago, when my boyfriend broke up with me, it felt like the world came crashing down. It felt as if, I was void of feeling anything in the world. We had been dating merely 2 months but the pain that my first breakup gave me still wakes me up in the middle of…

Innocence Lost – Part 2


Sejal and Anu were best of friends. Anu’s parents were happy as with Sejal’s tutoring Anu’s academic performance was enhancing day by day. Anu was happy as not only did she had a new best friend but also a SECRET SECOND MOTHER. Their routine was pretty much the same. Coming back from school, bathing together,…

Reality check


Late. Quite late for her to live. She was mentally dead already. She had no hopes on her chances of revival.She couldn’t repeat an year . She couldn’t fail that subject .She didn’t have any reasons to cover her mistake . Her chances of passing were very bleak. Her attendance was low and she couldn’t…