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An Electrifying Atmosphere


The train for Mumbai (Bombay) will be late by five hours due to some technical problems. Inconvenience caused is regretted,” blared the message on the Public Announcement System.” I was standing on the platform of the Pune Railway Station when this message was issued, first in Hindi than in English. I was thoroughly disheartened at…

Loyality and sacrifice test


On a starry night, Isha woke up half dreaming and walked near the window. Something must have awaken her from her intense sleep. Her hands were cold and toes freezing as she stepped out of her comfortable blanket and walked towards the bright gleam of light just outside her home. Its was a fantastic event…

Mind- Part 1

doctor neurologist hand show metal brain with computer interface as concept

Dr. Ghai carefully wiped the sweat from his brow, the making of the swelter dropped into the open cerebral matter that lay before him among a mass of instruments. What he did not know was that the empty roll of the ink-blotter (which had been the easiest replacement for the more obligatory blood-blotter …) was…