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How I wish


How I wish can still smell the fragrance of the flowers and trees, How I wish still watch the birds flying in the clear skies. How I wish can still see fishes swimming in clean and clear water, how I wish can still see green meadows where animals and kids roam around. But how can…

An Unknown Friend


There new is an associate out this cosmos, An inarticulate partisan with whom I seek refuge, An imperceptible permeation to testify consolation. A compeer conjured by sanguine imagination. Someone to Succour me, to motivate me to strive, When tangible individuals relinquish my vitality- Forces who survive in bubbles of self- And cosmopolitan acquaintance declares session.…

Nasty Uncle


Tina is a teenager who is very enthusiastic about life and believes in the ‘Mantra’ of universe conspires to make happen everything you in life. She looks at everything from a positive aura and makes surrounding people positive as well. She always circulates positive vibes to everyone. Everyone who is her friend comes to her…