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Collection of Best Inspirational Short Stories

The Unsung Heroes


This is a story of the unsung heroes of our society that many of us are still unaware of. These heroes work day and night to make our lives better. Still not clear who these are? These heroes are the sewer cleaners of the city. These workers are poorly paid who get no benefits as…

Eid Mubarak- Part 1


Did Malliquh and Nauseen really know the meaning behind the Roza? Malliquh and Nauseen were so involved in attending parties that did they knew about Huma and Nazma? The month of Ramzan started. There were celebrations all around. Everyone was so excited and was having fun. Every corner was cherishing in revelry. Malliquh house was…

The pursuit of happiness


…….The happiness of giving! Looking at his father, the son Avium and his wife Ayesha were surprised. But after some time, Ayesha asked her father-in-law to be with them for a while and to have lunch with them. What was the reason behind this? Avium was the only child of their parents. His father worked…