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Collection of Best Inspirational Short Stories

Heading Toward Your Dream


  The story sets in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. A family lived happily there. Ram with his wife Riya lived with their son Rohan. They had shifted from a village to town for employment, to earn money, better facilities and education for their son. Their parents lived in a village so Ram with…

Against all ODDS


The story may seem similar to their self for who have been a victim of the reservation that exist in several fields of our nation’s administration.    Great achievements are never easy. It takes a big deal to achieve things in life. Every fall in your life makes you rise. Understand the stepping stones towards…

For the Borders


  Once I asked a soldier who live nearby my place, “What do you think about New Year celebrations?” He replied, “After so many years I am celebrating this….” He further continued, “The last day of the year!…everywhere the mood of celebrations and elation. Populace travels all around the globe to celebrate new-year with mammoth…