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Collection of Best Inspirational Short Stories

Against all ODDS


The story may seem similar to their self for who have been a victim of the reservation that exist in several fields of our nation’s administration.    Great achievements are never easy. It takes a big deal to achieve things in life. Every fall in your life makes you rise. Understand the stepping stones towards…

For the Borders


  Once I asked a soldier who live nearby my place, “What do you think about New Year celebrations?” He replied, “After so many years I am celebrating this….” He further continued, “The last day of the year!…everywhere the mood of celebrations and elation. Populace travels all around the globe to celebrate new-year with mammoth…

Tom Doner – Child Prodigy

child pro

World is the place where language and linguistic barriers are there which are creating the caste and creed differences between people. The population require different languages to maintain the diversity and importance of their community. There is this young mind who can speak 17 different tongues, he is a genius named Tom Doner. So there…