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Collection of Best Inspirational Short Stories

The Helpful Man


This story is about an old retired man who had lost everything in the war including his son and his family, so he saw happiness in helping people and never hesitated to come forward.   “Do you need help?” asked an old man from across the street “No, No it’s heavy, I’ll manage” I told…



This story is about a child fighting with his life problems and getting stronger by each passing day.    Power gone. No light. Total blackout. This was the atmosphere of the night where this boy Jack was living. He was trying to sleep on his small and cushy bed to overcome the stress of his…

My Journey to be an IAS


It is the story of a muslim girl, who faces boldly, all the challenges that life puts for her and becomes an IAS officer.   Here, sitting in this A.C. room allotted to me, in this personal cabin of ‘The’ newly appointed assitant collector of Sangarpur, I can’t aspire for anything  more. It is a…

A free death


Freedom is illusion. You either choose pleasure… or death. Life for slaves…death for winners. Or a sense of adventure in the worst case.   A frog, sitting on the wall, was staring inside the well. He was observing sharply the water and the possibility of food inside. There were water insects and a few spiders…

A Man with Intellectual Mind and Optimistic Perspective: Stephen Hawking


An inspirational journey of a man who could not walk, talk or move,but his working mind changed it all.    “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” The man behind the above quote completely justifies what a quiet person can do. Stephen William Hawking, a name who has brought revolution in the world of Science is…