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Collection of Best Inspirational Short Stories



Longing. That’s what we all are doing. Longing and searching for something we are unaware of. Looking for something which has no definition or perhaps it does, but somehow it’s only visible to us. We are frightened of showing it to others, scared enough to let them know what we want. What are we searching…

The Brave Little Heart – I


  “Come on, we’re getting late” said Mr. Smith “Coming” answered Mrs. Smith This conversation took place between a husband – wife who were going to attend a colleague’s wedding ceremony which was at an hour drive from their newly shifted home. They had a beautiful young daughter Evelyn who was six years whom they…

Heading Toward Your Dream


  The story sets in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. A family lived happily there. Ram with his wife Riya lived with their son Rohan. They had shifted from a village to town for employment, to earn money, better facilities and education for their son. Their parents lived in a village so Ram with…