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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

The Photograph (Part – 1)


This a strange story to be very honest. How can a photograph lead to murder threats to a person who is not at all concerned with it? What is there is the photograph that the photographer is missing? Is it of value that the blackmailer wants or were they just prank calls? It all traces…

A Journey

girl train

“Hurry up, Radha! We will miss the train again”, shouted Amma. Radha and her family were travelling from Lucknow to Bhopal on the Pushpak Express. This was an annual affair. Every year Radha and her family would visit her grandparents in Bhopal. As always, the last minute chaos to catch the train prevailed. Somehow they managed to get…

My Only Dream

love story

I was only five year old nerdy boy, wearing spectacles like potter and carrying my favorite Britannica kids,which Dad got for me from AMAZON.IN (where he worked),when i saw her. Cheif HR Manager , Mr. Vikas Ahuja,thats what people called him. I used to vaunt a lot as a kid that ,ooo my dad works…



Another drink will help, well, maybe it should help. He filled up his empty glass and gulped it down his already burning throat. ‘Pain kills pain’, he thought. He smiled with teary eyes. Once the burning of his throat stopped, that same pain came back from his pounding heart. The weight of someone’s memories, some…

The Kidnapped Boy (Part – 1)


This is a story of a 12-year-old boy Pulkkit who was abducted from his school in broad daylight by two men in a car. The boy was extremely smart and left trails and clues for the police and his parents at every corner of the kidnapping and was found by the police in the end.…