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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

The Runaway Bride


Veera was going to marry the love of her life. But her quest to liberate herself from the small town she belonged to and to make something of her life, overpowered her love.   The sky was still blanketed in darkness. Veera was standing in front of the gas stove, making herself a cup of…



Friendship is bond that keeps life going.   “Who is that?” an enthusiastic six-year old asked turning to her mom. Her mom, a thirty-five year old looked pale and exhausted. She glanced at her daughter and replied, “That is a very dear friend of mom’s” “Why doesn’t she visit us then?” her eyes sparkled in…

Je t’aime (Part-2)


What will you do when the guy you have loved secretly asks for your help?? A simple love-story happens… “Let’s take a walk around. I am bored” Elliot cried tossing the book to side. Abigail gazed up from her textbook with a smile. She was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed. Leaning forward…

Je t’aime (Part-1)


What will you do when the guy you have loved secretly asks for your help?? A simple love-story… Sitting on the wet grass, Abigail was furiously sketching Notre-Dame in her sketchbook. Her fingers had charcoal on them. Suddenly, she heard, “Instead of drawing it, have you ever had a chance to go inside?” Gazing up,…

Like We Used To


Kat and Rick love each other but they don’t have the courage to let go first…   Kat woke up with sunlight prickling her eyes through the glass door of the balcony. Sitting up, she checked her phone. “No new messages” it said. She hoped that at least today, on her birthday, he would message…