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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

The Kidnapped Boy (Part – 1)


This is a story of a 12-year-old boy Pulkkit who was abducted from his school in broad daylight by two men in a car. The boy was extremely smart and left trails and clues for the police and his parents at every corner of the kidnapping and was found by the police in the end.…



You were the basis of my kindness in this unkind world. You laid my foundation of happiness and taught me what life is. You knew where my happiness lied and what made me sad. You taught me what even mom failed at teaching. You made me meet people of different kinds, some were bold and…

Under a Carmine Sky

Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastline

There are many rules to a safe life in a city. Don’t stay out later than the sun. Avoid the narrow alleys and stick to the broad streets. Blend into the surrounding, never wear anything bright or colorful. Still, anyone experienced with assault would know, daylight does not guarantee one’s safety. Crimes don’t always happen…

Four Squares (Part I)


The story is of four people who once knew each other through a common string, which seemed broken for a long time until there came a weaver in disguise. The Tooth Fairy It was almost nine on the clock when Prashant got up from his chair, took a stroll in the room. He went near…

A New Person (Part – 2)


Nadeem was involved in more than ten robberies and had earned a significant amount through them. He acted a smart in front of his wife and would not tell her the whole amount of the moment that he earned, he would give little sums at irregular times to make his wife believe that he was…