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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

The Sky


It is a massive world and the sheath is massive as well. The sky makes many feel exuberant, the sky gives many a reason to think, many a reason to dream, and many a reason to smile. It is not peculiar to find an individual lying on the grass and gazing at the sky. It…

The Big Bad Wolf


Nazkal has always been split off from the rest of the world. Living under the shadow of the great Himalayas meant there was abundant scenic landscape, but fewer eyes dared to appreciate it. What if the Grey Wolf found them? Living in Nazkal had once been mostly about getting used to living with the Grey…

The servant’s son (Part – 2)

maxresdefault (2)

Ram was awake all night thinking about his son’s future, he had experienced such sleepless nights before too. His son’s future was all that mattered to him right now. This was the sole reason that he was sending his son to a good private school in the hope that one day his son would be…