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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

The Trash Story


  There is hardly any person in this world who has not wished, at least once, to have been dead. But there are a very few people who actually dare to die. They say suicide is for cowards, but ironically it takes a lot of guts to venture into committing suicide. And I am one…

Mother’s Love (Part I)

mother daughter bond copy

The first part deals with the narrator describing the relationship between Ashley and her mother.¬†   Becca was standing in front of the gas stove, waiting for the milk to boil. The short needle of the round shaped clock sitting on the window in the kitchen, pointed toward six and the long needle pointed toward…

The love of my life…..Meera

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It is a story of a two year old Indian girl, who is orphaned and then later adopted by an American couple.   India always fascinates me.Her vibrance,culture, and natural beauty,all interwoven in a beautifully¬† intricate society, has always fascinated me.From all the places I have ever visited,either as part of my passion for travelling…