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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

Plot of my story

two girls storieo

Do you believe in reincarnation? While many dispel the notion of reincarnation as a myth, there are some who believe it’s a true phenomenon. Basically reincarnation is a religious concept according to which an individual starts a new life in another body after death. What happens after death is still an unsolved mystery. It’s believed…

The Twister


It was a cold, winter day.the chilly wind was blowing. The temperature was around 15-degree celsius. The cloud in the sky had covered the sun completely. Every person was shivering after stepping out from the home. Two girls in warm winter clothes went out from school and headed to a nearby cafe. They wanted to…

The Photograph (Part – 2)


That day went by normally and both of them forgot the case till the evening. The next day Harry received a call from an unknown number, this was not at all strange as he would often receive calls from different numbers and the people would ask him for his services to their models or products.…

Best Birthday!


  As I am looking into the mirror, I can only see my black dress with white embroidered flowers on the boat neck, flares running down the dress till my knees. I am staring into the mirror, looking closer and watching my face subtly and waiting for this day to start with joy. My eyes…