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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories


LIFE (1)

The story is about Naina. Just like other girls she finds faults in her life and wants to live like her neighbor Reshmi. Naina started looking at her life in a different perspective after talking with Reshmi at the end.     Naina was upset. Her mom scolded her for not getting pass marks in the exam.…


lamp shade

A  LAMP SHADE : THE SEED OF AN EMPATHETIC HEART  The story is about a small town girl Vividha who was very sensitive to her surrounding and she saw everything with her perspective and she didn’t let overpower her thought by others’ point of views . She had a family with whom she loved a…

Monsters Under Our Beds

Monsters Under Our Beds (1)

This story is about two girls who’s unfortunate fate makes them meet each other. Who are they? What are their stories? And mostly, what is so unfortunate about meeting each other?   “Where did you last see her?” asked the police officer. “I sent her to bring us some water. Just around the corner, from…

You tied me down


You have no control over whom you fall for…   We have Austin. If you want to see him alive, drop 500 million in the post box near the church. Consider this as proof. Alex read the letter and darted her gaze up to see another guy standing in the black hoodie for approval. He…


love story

This story emphasises on the power of love that how it fights all odds.   There was a boy named Neil, 14 years. Being from a middle-class family, he had not got all that luxuries and comforts that most of the children of his age get. He was deprived of all this. His father could…