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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

The Last Word


“Come on, one time I promise” David said. “Okay, but only one kiss” was the reply of her girlfriend Jilly. They have been together since eighth standard and have shared some beautiful memories together, be it failing in exam or bunking a class, they have all experienced it together. One fine day when David was…

The Piggy Bank


One, two, three, four, five Annie counted the coins from her little hands and then would keep them aside. But the issue was that when she starts the other round of counting coins she just forgets the one she counted before. It was a tough task for her. So by encouraging herself, again she would…

Love Beyond Imagination


This story is about a girl who was do so lost in her self-control  world that she actually forgot to live her life. She was always self obsessed and craved for love. Now let us see who’s love it is, which brings her back to the real world and teaches her to live her life.…

The 4 Dollars


It was 6:30 in the evening. Sunset reflected all the hue on the clouds. Birds were chirping. ‘I always travel by feet from college to home after 6 said’ David to her friend Verona with the smile on his face. I get double bonus of benefits while doing this. Firstly during the dusk reminiscing the…

Changing times


“I’m sorry, but without my fees I cannot continue on this case further. I hope you understand”. It was she who had hoped he would understand her. Nevertheless, she left his office with tears in her eyes. It had all started a month ago when few young boys in their mid-twenties entered her house and…

Innocence Lost – Part 1


“Rise and shine princess” said Mom while waking Anu up. Anu loves her mom but getting up at 7 am is something every 6 year old hates. Then follows the tedious process of Mom bathing her, dressing her up, kissing her head every moment she gets, cuddling her as she is the only thing that…