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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

The Adult Kid: I


On one fine winter morning,  the whole city was sleeping. It was still dark. Nothing was visible due to the dense fog that enveloped the environment. The doors and windows of all the houses were closed. There was no one on the road except a child who was about 11-12 years old, sitting in the…

Love marriage

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His eyes were pink, heart melting, afterall it was the big day for the girl of his dreams as she was getting ready for her wedding the same night. He stood behind the curtains to see her before going away from his memories forever. She saw him too in her mirror, but could not gather…

Family reunited

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He turned down the window sill hopelessly missing his family. The same family who,  he was told by many,  have abandoned him on the gates of a remote orphanage. Nobody knows the reason , or who they were but Somil was determined to quest for it. For him it doesn’t matter, why they did it? …

Man of hights: Selfie death

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Wuu jenson was a selfmade man. From riches to streets and then from streets to castle he made his journey quite smooth at a very young age. He was an achiever and an inspiration before his death. He had lots of big titles to his credit but most importantly a selfie king as the world…

Pizza wars

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There were literally one million people eating pizza that minute all over the globe, but I am more than a 100 percent sure, no one ate pizza like I did with jacob on that wonderful day. Hi! I am Sandra Gilbert, a new high school kid and an intern at a local content writing office.…