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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories



The story is about a girl and change in her nature when life took a drastic turn. Hope you enjoy reading it. Living in this world is not an easy task. This world is full of commenting people who can’t keep their mouths shut. They very efficiently utilize their speaking senses but forget about listening part.…

The Paranormal Excursion – 3


On Harshil’s request Gj put the hands into the kitbag only to find out that he had brought the wrong flashlight with him. “Gj why is it taking so late to light up the Flashlight Bro?” everyone asked in fright. “I brought the wrong fucking torch!” Gj replied to them all, “This torch requires human…

The Mysterious Golden Cigar – Chapter 1


“Have you ever wondered?” Jacob asked, “Wondered about the Legend of the Golden Cigar that has been going around for quite some time now!” “It’s a legend dude, what’s there to wonder about anyways?” Peter replied. “I mean Dude! Haven’t you questioned the Legend? Haven’t you ever felt curious about whether what they say is…

Loyality and sacrifice test


On a starry night, Isha woke up half dreaming and walked near the window. Something must have awaken her from her intense sleep. Her hands were cold and toes freezing as she stepped out of her comfortable blanket and walked towards the bright gleam of light just outside her home. Its was a fantastic event…

His perfect girlfriend and vice versa

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November 12, 2017, 5.30 AM His whats chat rings. Half sleepy Ravi calls Sara. She rejects the call from the other end. Within 5 minutes he again dials her number. This time she finally picks up the call. Ravi: Hi sweety. Good morning! Sarah: Why did you call me when I texted you. You should…