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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

Mother’s Love


Seeing mother’s love and kindness the tears gradually turned into the smile. It was 2008 when I used to study in 8th class. The syllabus was quite tough and the competition was more. So, a lot of students used to take coaching at that time. I was one of them. I used to go coaching…

The Angel (Part – 1)


“Come on Lily, let’s go” “Wait up, coming” This was the morning of the 6th of December when Lily and her family were going to an adventure that was a secret for the kids. Lily’s family consisted of four members, her mother (Emily), her father (Steve), her elder brother (Mike) and herself. She loved them…

The Mysterious Murder (Part – 1)

murder mystry

This is a rather strange and nasty murder mystery story that can prove to be disturbing for some. Reader’s discretion is advised. “Oh come on man, you’re talking bullshit” “No, I’m not, see for yourself” The above conversation was just an ending part of the hour – long meeting that was held between the police…

Mother’s LovePart – 2


Even this made Alissa happy and she saw more scope of improvement in him. Time passed by and Mike was now an all grown up man who was to graduate school the next year. During all these years he used to get anger fits in which his blood pressure rose to the maximum and after…

Mother’s Love (Part – 1)


This story is about a boy who has been quite aggressive from the childhood itself and now that he is fully grown up is on the path to commit something irreversible in his anger whose consequences will be dealt by him life – long. “Come on now, she’s your little sister forgive her” “NO, she…

The Dog that never leftPart – 2


Candice would usually take the kids in the morning and drop them off to school before she actually went to work. This day was no different. It was 5th December when all this started when Candice bumped into two men who were wearing long black overcoats with beanie hats, she thought to herself that it…