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Collection of Best Fiction Short Stories

Arena for innocent beasts


Hi, I am John. I am a master trainer at a delhi gym. Thanks to my job I can afford to stay in a posh locality and all the neighbors around this place are very beautiful perticularly Maria. When I saw her for the first time, she was bathing her beautiful pitbul. No doubt the…

Ruby and Aluka

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To begin with, I want to assure you that angels don’t like earth. Infact earth is that darkest planet in the whole universe which fairies, angels, elfs and encantados etc. are all afraid of, because demons live on Earth. But one of the pretiest of their creed somehow stayed on earth. This is the tale…

Wet nosed angel

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Lin was a beautiful puppy which Liza got on her birthday from her lover. Liza brought this wet nosed angel when it was just 15 days old. That day she carried the pup home, in her hoodie’s inner pocket to keep her warm. She was a pure white furry pedigree and was as much naughty…

Secret life of Jitsu Gili

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“Who is that a guy in a squirrel mask” . “Why is he sitting onthe bench all stuffed up with that Squirrel costume? “, was heard from right behind me. I ignored, thinking, it’s just kids playing around. A few more minutes and another kid excited about the costume joined the league of onlookers saying,…