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Arena for innocent beasts


Hi, I am John. I am a master trainer at a delhi gym. Thanks to my job I can afford to stay in a posh locality and all the neighbors around this place are very beautiful perticularly Maria. When I saw her for the first time, she was bathing her beautiful pitbul. No doubt the…



Recently, while my friend was taking me to her home to meet her family during summer vacations, I encountered something very peculiar. Where, other societies had a lawn, her’s had a pond like swimming pool, devided by a thin trail. By looking at it, noone could have estimated it’s depth. While entering through the gates…

The Mysterious Murder (Part – 1)

murder mystry

This is a rather strange and nasty murder mystery story that can prove to be disturbing for some. Reader’s discretion is advised. “Oh come on man, you’re talking bullshit” “No, I’m not, see for yourself” The above conversation was just an ending part of the hour – long meeting that was held between the police…