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My summer holidays had begun and I was lazing in bed feeling like a procrastinator. Suddenly Mummy came n with something in her hands. A tiny hummingbird! It was trembling because of a broken leg which was bleeding badly. “Arun Bhaiya found the poor thing lying under the Kadamb tree in the garden,” Mummy said.…

The Twister


It was a cold, winter day.the chilly wind was blowing. The temperature was around 15-degree celsius. The cloud in the sky had covered the sun completely. Every person was shivering after stepping out from the home. Two girls in warm winter clothes went out from school and headed to a nearby cafe. They wanted to…

The Kidnapped Boy (Part – 2)


After almost two days of waiting and contemplating the reports were finally in. A few fingerprints were found on the bicycle as well as the backpack but those were not present in the records of the police, this meant that the kidnappers were inexperienced and probably it was their first kidnapping, this gave a little…