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Be Wise

Old lady threading a needle - thinks they make the eyes smaller than they used to

Once in a village there lived a women. She was very rude to everyone. Whenever anyone tried to talk to her and give her advice she gave them a rude replies. So everyone in the village stayed away from her. No one liked her. In the same village there lived a wise man. He was…



  Gentleness is innate. It is reflected not in the complexion or appearance of a person. It is reflected in the deeds of an individual. A true gentleman is a paradigm of human qualities. He is endowed with benevolence, magnanimity, integrity of character, honesty and empathy. He is humble, polite and is a true portrait…

Beseech for service


Once lived a poor old lady Meera. She used to worship god without fail each and every day.  Meera resides within a small hut situated in a plane uncultivable land which is  isolated thus she has to walk a long distance even to fetch water for drinking and miscellaneous purpose. One fine day walking through…