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The Japanese traveler

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Minstro mintu was a thinly old man with a shrill voice and crazy looking beard. He had traveled from far south to reach the shrine of Bilael, a demi god of their tribe. During his journey he would stop at any place after 8 at night and begin again the next day before the sunrise.…

A Dream At Night


 Sleeping at night, Gives me extreme delight. I know I will dream a fabulous dream, I’m waiting to see the beautiful sight. Rainbows, the blue sky, Rabbits and butterflies. The wind humming softly, As it goes by Ice creams and chocolates. Swinging on the trees, Waiting for you to grab them, They look as pretty…

Arena for innocent beasts


Hi, I am John. I am a master trainer at a delhi gym. Thanks to my job I can afford to stay in a posh locality and all the neighbors around this place are very beautiful perticularly Maria. When I saw her for the first time, she was bathing her beautiful pitbul. No doubt the…