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Changing times


“I’m sorry, but without my fees I cannot continue on this case further. I hope you understand”. It was she who had hoped he would understand her. Nevertheless, she left his office with tears in her eyes. It had all started a month ago when few young boys in their mid-twenties entered her house and…



Stagnant are the thoughts when you fail to believe . Stagnant are the actions when you have prejudices. Stagnant is your progress when you forget to rise above. Let the synergy of mind and soul manifold and entwine in your exanimate body to bring the best out of you.



Longing. That’s what we all are doing. Longing and searching for something we are unaware of. Looking for something which has no definition or perhaps it does, but somehow it’s only visible to us. We are frightened of showing it to others, scared enough to let them know what we want. What are we searching…

Innocence Lost – Part 1


“Rise and shine princess” said Mom while waking Anu up. Anu loves her mom but getting up at 7 am is something every 6 year old hates. Then follows the tedious process of Mom bathing her, dressing her up, kissing her head every moment she gets, cuddling her as she is the only thing that…

Pause and Jump


Clouds were rolling in, it was a calm sky. On a high mountain plain there was a village away from the hustle bustle of the city. The mountain plain where the sedge bushes, shrubs and playground arranges themselves out of the snow. It was welcoming of the spring, water was calm in the rivers. The…



A man came home from work late,tired and irritated,to find his 5 year old son waiting for him at the door.Son asked him, “Dad,May I ask you a question?”.  He replied,”Yeah sure,What it is?”. Then   Son : Dad,How much do u make an hour?  Dad : That’s none of your business.Why u ask such a…



The television was turned up to the loudest volume. It was irrelevant what was the program going on, it was merely a distraction. Nilima was the bathroom, brushing her teeth. She would often walk by the living room where the television was on, while brushing. The noise made her feel safe, but it was still…