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Sanyukta Bhatnagar

Sanyukta Bhatnagar

An undergraduate student majoring in Business. I have been an enthusiastic theatre person from an early age and have also been a part of my college’s dramatics society which is why I have the capability of working in a team as well as am responsible and hard working. Being an ambivert, I am often misunderstood as I am an outgoing person who mostly enjoys alone time. Confusing, I know! Being a Delhi girl, many of my friends who are from outside Delhi label me as a “typical Delhi person” which always baffles me because i have no idea what exactly being a “Typical Delhiite” means. I like to write in my free time as it helps me relax and clear my mind. Being a storyteller is quiet an interesting as it helps you enter a world full of imagination and creativity. I find mythology quite intriguing, especially Greek mythology.I love dogs and had one of the most amazing experiences of my life by volunteering at PetFed 2016. Being able to interact with so many digs and being able to play with them was the best therapy. I have a habit of collecting souvenirs, whether it is a refrigerator magnet of a museum or an entry band of a concert. Everyone has highs and lows in their lives but what matters is how much you learn from them. I strive to do the best in everything I do and love to learn new things from new experiences that are yet to be experienced.

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