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Roshi Srivastava

Roshi Srivastava

Keep your heart and mind your own,be the one you are born to own. Hello everyone!This is Roshi Srivastava hailing from city of nawabs,Lucknow.I love to write,I am the one who can sip coffee and write whole day long.My first poem was inspired by Noddy(the cartoon character) which I wrote in 2nd standard.I love to write about woman and other social causes.Hope you enjoy my writings.Be brave!be you!


    When we were small children, we enjoyed everything because we did what we really loved to do. This story tells how...

    FictionRoshi SrivastavaJanuary 12, 2017

    Housewives has been taken for granted.How everyone becomes blind to her minute sacrifices has been detailed in the story.Imagine a day...

    Women'sRoshi SrivastavaJanuary 9, 2017
  • Flightless bird

    Series of conversations between a girl and a bird which reflects light upon the relationship between a parent and a child...

    FictionRoshi SrivastavaDecember 30, 2016
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