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Aneri Nimesh Shah

Aneri Nimesh Shah

Any word that describes a dreamer, describes me. I'm a student currently doing a triple major in theatre, english and psychology. I write because I believe it's a beautiful thing when passion and career come together. That's not my quote by the way. Don't worry, I'll have some of the greatest one's in time. Just like writing is my life, music is my soul. I'm usually an anti-social person..reader, if you are too, give me a virtual high-five!

  • The last plunge

    This is a recollection of a dark incident that occurs almost everyday.  At least one soul loses it’s will to live...

    FictionAneri Nimesh ShahDecember 28, 2016
  • Power of Words

    This story is about how the problems in Luke’s life – which he overcomes – helps Ruth to overcome hers.   ...

    LifeAneri Nimesh ShahDecember 24, 2016
  • The Girl That Never Stopped Smiling

    She went through a lot of hard stuff. She sometimes thought of giving up. but then an anonymous not made her...

    Women'sAneri Nimesh ShahDecember 18, 2016
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