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Aleena Scaria

Aleena Scaria

Stories and me go way back to the 20th century, when I was two years old. It was the time when I used to live with my grandma and she used to narrate to me bedtime stories of giants and animal creatures. I guess she was the one that gave birth to the reader in me. I am a nineteen year old physics undergraduate studying at St. Stephen's College, Delhi. Even my decision to take up physics came from an inspiring science fiction. I wish to tell my stories to the world. Words surpass the power of unsaid feelings and I believe that.

  • First Time

    Rhea has never travelled alone in her eighteen years of existence. She’s scared and insecure about this whole journey but it’s...

    LifeAleena ScariaJanuary 10, 2017
  • Trapped

      This is a conversation between two high school students who are in their final years. The two are from highly...

    FictionAleena ScariaDecember 30, 2016
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